Book Review : The 3 mistakes of my life

    Oops! I did a mistake by reading this book. That was my nth mistake in life (Of course n being a positive integer and much greater than 0). Okay! Jokes apart, this is the third book by Chetan Bhagat, who is back to India now and has dedicated the book ‘to the country, which called him back’.


    The 3 mistakes of my life is a story of three best friends (sounds familier isn’t it?) based in Ahmedabad. Govind is the narrator of the story. He is a born businessman and dreams of owning a big business someday. He is in love with Vidhya, who happens to be the sister of one of his best friend Ishaan. Ishaan is very passionate guy who loves cricket. He was the best cricket player in his school and aspired to be in Indian Cricket team. But he performs badly in the selections and thus ends up getting rejected. His parents want him to join Army, which he hates. Govind’s other friend is Omi, who is the son of a priest of a local temple. Omi doesn’t know what to do in his life, but he doesn’t want to continue his father’s profession. So he sticks around with his friends. Then there is Ali, a young boy who is a gifted cricketer, but is more interested in playing marbles. Ishaan spots him and starts coaching him with a hope to see him in Indian Cricket team one day.


     The book starts very well giving a detailed description of each character. Chetan’s style of narration has definitely improved since his first book FPS . Half way through the book, it gets dull, and at the end the climax part sucks. Lot of communal violence is brought in, and it was really a pain reading the final few chapters. I hope Chetan comes up with science fiction novels in future.


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  1. Sandeep R. on

    Hey dude you’ve become a fan of Chetan Bhagat huh? 😀

    If i read this 3 mistakes of my life would be reading 3 Chetan Bhagat books 😛
    After reading one night @ call center i’ve decided i’m not gonna read any of his books again.

    Sci Fi!? 😀

    Nice review btw 🙂

  2. Bhanu on

    I was about to read this book after reading your review will not 😉

  3. Radhesh on


    Fan… hmmm. ya. I like his style of writing. 🙂
    And i tot reading sci-fi would be better than again reading stories of 3 best friends.

    Hey dude. Read it if you have got enough time. The book is not that bad either 🙂 . You may like it. Who knows! But its definitely no better than FPS.

  4. Mukesh on

    If I would have written this book, my title of the book would have been “Million mistakes by a Millionaire”

  5. Radhesh on

    Three mistakes in life appears too little isnt it 😉

  6. IITian on

    The book sucks !!
    Nothing is good here.
    Climax is totally predictable and looks like an action drama of a hindi movie.
    Some glaring mistakes like NDTV which was launched one year after Godhra riots, vault key put into sock but taken out from inner pocket, and so on.
    Ali looks like “He-Man” or “Superman”.
    Some unrealistic things like going to Australia made that easy as eating an apple.
    Sorry boss, this is a real disappointment.

  7. Radhesh on

    U have taken a little deeper look at the facts huh!
    The author has given extra power to Ali 🙂
    And i have no idea about going to Aus. I too believe it aint easy unless u r on a business trip.

  8. ad on

    this is a nice book.really nice least chetan admits his mistakes.his 1st mistake was 5.some1.2nd mistake 1 n8 @ d call centre.and now his 3rd mistake 3 mistakes of my life.and now i admit my mistake by reading all his f*****g books.

  9. Radhesh on


    FPS was not that bad 😉 . But ya, other two are.

  10. vittal on

    hey, hii bhaghat, i hav read all yr 2 books n FPS n CALLCENTRE was pretty intrestinn n fascinatinn tooo. after readinn 3 mistakes , i wann 2 tell u abt somethinn i.e, a mistake in mans life which u may find intresting…………..,
    itz abt me who did a biggest mistake in life by joining navy.,
    coz i feel like stuck up here n segregated frm outer world which is more beautiful
    no money n no gals no luxury n no pleasyres treated like robos n missing everythin which my frenz r not in
    civil life.
    itz really grt relief 4 me 2 read ur books coz i realy do realise wat im lackinn my life after lookin to ur book
    ur books r good practical n natural tooooo.
    hope u can write a book on thsi statinn as a mistake in one life
    hey jst kiddin

  11. Radhesh on

    Hey Chetan,
    R u reading this ? 🙂

  12. Hasit on

    to tell u, i like the first book more than this one. 3 mistakes of my life was totally predictable.

  13. indian oops on

    […] Jokes apart, this is the third book by Chetan Bhagat, who is back to India now and has dedicated meets Bangladesh The HinduKarachi: Swashbuckling bats and nonchalant victories might have […]

  14. Radhesh on

    Thats true. Ppl who have read his first two books could easily predict the sequences in his third book !

  15. name on


  16. amrita on

    hey!!!!! chetan i liked all 3 books of urs wat ever may be d review of ur books, but i would love to read ur books.They all r real life based stories not like reel life movies.
    1 n8 @ call centre was d best book which i liked d most, n even now i would wacth d movie HELLO…….good luck waiting for ur next book.

  17. Radhesh on

    Hey Chetan,

    U got lot of fans here 🙂

  18. nikhil on

    I read this book and i felt that it s not as bad its made out to be. BUt all that f ”’kin part with friend’s sister is unwanted crap. The book would hav been better if the 2nd mistake were omitted

  19. Radhesh on


    He he. Dont you think two mistakes would be too less to write a whole book?

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  22. abhilash mohan on

    Hai Chetan,

    With your first book itself I was so impressed.”One night @ call center” is a fabulous one because I’m a call center executive. The movie “hello” is a token to your talent.”3 mistakes” is really touching. I wish you all the best to be the most loved writer in India, as you like.
    Abhilash Mohan

  23. mirzafasibaig on

    hi chetan,

    i wil be honest chetan,wel i did not get through any of ur books in my was my first book “the 3 mistakes of my life” it was so,attractive in short it was fabulous and i expect ur’s 2 book’s carry the same comment’s from me and ur’s well wishers.allah may bless u to become most loved writer in world,as you like.
    mirza fasi baig

  24. ranjit on

    hi chetan,
    i have read ur last two books and both were fabulous and no one shud go by the above review… a well made effort keep it up…..

  25. Radhesh on

    Hey Chetan,

    Your fan list is growing day by day (includes me). May be you shud visit this site some day 🙂

  26. Sohel Khan on

    Hi, Chetan. I am a student of English Literature. But let me tell I didn’t have completed any novel of English Literature. But whene I started “THE THREE MISTAKES”,I can’t controol my self to finish the book. This is one of the superb book which I have read in my life.WISH YOU ALL THE BEST FOR ——.

  27. twinface on

    Hi Chetan,
    Hi Guys n Gals in copy as well

    I’m an Indian of Keralite heritage born and brought up in Singapore, married with a fourteen year ols teenage Son.

    Chetan’s books are interesting stories told in a very simple manner, without a plenty twists!
    Very, very interesting and engaging as it revolves around an Indian Community where we can ALL relate to or be associated with…

    It’s too good, and kudos to Chetan, for all his novels,
    from Five Point Someone to One Night @ Call Centre, then
    The 3 Mistakes in My Life, and 2 STATES!!

    What’s Ur next Novel, wanna come back to Singapore, I have a Story to tell!

  28. glady on

    i would say his books are nice…bit cinematic elements come in….overall its a entertainment….y go in for details in it like a critic when u read…?? wat diff it makes if ndtv was started b4 or aftr…!!!

    but not a must read book….can read if u hav sufficient time and a non analytical mind

  29. neha on

    Hey Chetan!
    I think al d reveiv ritten abov ar far too strecthed coz i really likd ur book especialy its ending n its cynicism on religious politics bt even i accept that goin to Aus is really nt dat esy.

  30. Zeeshan on

    Hii chetan…..

    I read ur book last night 3 mistake of my life……..
    Its too good……..

  31. jordan jj on

    avoid the book by not reading this book ……… books sucksssssssssssss

  32. Yuvraj Vats on

    1st 75% of this book was all I wanted to read..
    another 25% was rape of my thoughts…. Hell…….

  33. Neha S on

    worth reading…ausum book..has everything for the youth to be interested to read it…:)Cricket,Politics,Love.Passions,Dreams,Friendship and lots mote…there are lots of twists and turns…boys will love the matters of the cricket…and for every reader may it be a boy or girl…they will love every bit of the book..:)

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